Covid Risk Assessment Group

Please read below regarding the WRCC Covid Risk Assessment Group

In light of the statement made by the PM on 24th February and the subsequent abandonment of all behavioural and societal safety measures, especially those relating to the playing of cricket, it has sadly been necessary for the Covid Risk Assessment Group to continue its work. The slightly modified terms of reference of the Group are detailed below.

[1] The measurement of Covid-related risk against a series of metrics, the subsequent and appropriate ranking of each fixture and the clarification of which fixtures can/cannot go ahead.

[2] The ongoing reassessment, within appropriate time frames, of those fixtures initially deemed sufficiently ‘low risk’ to go ahead.

[3]The implementation of appropriate match day policies, procedures and protocols in order to mitigate against the potential transmission of SARS-CoV-2 before, during and after club fixtures.

[4] The modification of the measures detailed in [3] as and when the science and data indicate it is appropriate to do so.

[5] To ensure opponents/host clubs/team managers/match organisers are notified of all relevant match specific outcomes within an absolute minimum of 28 days prior to the date of any given fixture.

[6] To draft, edit and finalise appropriate social media postings.

The following will continue to lie at the core of the generic and match specific decision making processes employed by the Group.

[a] An ongoing and forensic analysis of the relevant peer reviewed research literature.

[b] Independent scientific, medical, public health statistical and health and safety advice.

[c] The application of predictive statistical modelling.

[d] Data from the ONS weekly Covid Survey and other appropriate sources.

[e] Localised infection, hospitalisation and death rates.

[g] The specific peculiarities of our Club, including the geographically disparate nature and widely varying nature of its membership base.

[h] Consultation with opponents, clubs hosting ‘home’ fixtures and match organisers.

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