Covid Risk Assessment Group

We have recently convened a Covid Risk Assessment Group with the following terms of reference.

[1] The measurement of Covid-related risk against a series of metrics and the subsequent and appropriate ranking of each fixture.

[2] The clarification of which fixtures can/cannot go ahead based on [1] above, relevant findings within the ‘hard end’ peer reviewed research literature and independent scientific, medical and health and safety advice.

[3] The ongoing reassessment, within appropriate time frames, of those fixtures initially deemed sufficiently ‘low risk’ to go ahead.

[4] The implementation of additional and appropriate policies, procedures and protocols further to those advocated by Government/ECB, in order to further mitigate against the potential transmission of SARS-CoV-2 before, during and after club fixtures.

[5] To ensure opponents/host clubs/team managers/match organisers are notified of all relevant outcomes within an absolute minimum of five weeks prior to the date of any given fixture.

[6] To draft, edit and finalise appropriate social media postings.


All Risk Assessment procedures and processes applied by the Group are both additional to and run in parallel with the relevant ECB protocols. They are also rooted in Health and Safety best practice. By definition therefore, any recommendations made by the Group are not in any way reflective of the Covid Compliance of those clubs who, having completed appropriate ECB documentation, would ordinarily host Ramblers fixtures.

The preliminary outcomes of the Covid Risk Assessment Group deliberations will be released during the next few days, although a number of adjustments to the fixture programme during the period 3rd-19th May have already been made.

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