Throughout the Covid-19 Pandemic our position has consistently been one of maximum precaution and minimum risk

Given that during the course of the coming summer and especially post-21st June there is a very real possibility of an ongoing and incremental increase in transmission rates, we remain seriously concerned regarding the safety of match participants, the very real possibility of pre/post-match transmission and the potential for compromising our responsibilities to wider society.

Any cricket related activity undertaken by our Club will, as a basic minimum standard, adhere absolutely to all ECB policies and protocols. Team members are therefore requested to travel to games independently and already changed as dressing rooms will be closed.

Should the Government/ECB Position on this change we will advise our Match Organisers accordingly. Any games that do take place will obviously be played under the relevant ECB Game Adaptions.

We will continue to monitor developments, forensically scrutinise the ‘hard end’ peer reviewed literature and re-evaluate the club position as appropriate.

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