Declaration Cricket

Information on playing declaration cricket under Covid protocols

One of the most appealing nuances of time cricket is that in order to win, the captains of both teams have to be prepared to risk losing. We are of the unshakeable
belief that this, combined with its myriad of other positive benefits, makes declaration cricket a cerebrally and tactically superior form of the game. As such it both underpins and is central to the ethos upon which our club is based.

We are however very much aware that Covid-related sanitation breaks cause a not insignificant loss of time in each innings, which can make the timing of a well judged and meaningful declaration almost impossible. In consequence and in readiness for cricket potentially being played under conditions similar to the ECB 2020 Stage 4 Adaptions, we are currently formulating various overs based match formats which will prevent sanitation break related loss of game time without compromising the integrity of either the declaration or the last hour. Details will be published in due course.

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