Updated Covid-19 Position Statement

Update statement on COVID-19 from the Wyncote Ramblers

Following the Position Statement published on 10th June we are now able to update members, opponents and host clubs regarding the series of eleven fixtures scheduled between 2nd August and 26th September. The formulation of this second Statement has drawn on the continued and ongoing scrutiny of relevant research publications, the integration of key decision making factors documented previously and is set within the context of the ECB Five Step Roadmap circulated in early June, which itself mirrors government strategy and advice.

It remains clear that meaningful and entirely risk free cricket will only be possible when it is deemed to be ‘medically safe’ to remove all restrictions. Given that until 10th July clubs will be adhering to strictures imposed at Step 3, it is somewhat improbable that progression to Step 5, requiring the complete abandonment of social distancing, will be possible during what remains of the 2020 season. It would appear therefore that by 2nd August, the most optimistic outcome will be a continued implementation of Step 4 of the Roadmap, whereby a form of cricket omay be played under ‘Covid-19 Adaptions’, combined with wider societal controls relating to social distancing, potential self isolation,restricted hospitality and reduced indoor facility useage.

The effective management of fixtures under such conditions obviously presents an almost insurmountable challenge and an extremely serious level of responsibility, not merely to ensure the safety of all match participants and spectators but also in terms of subsequent transmission mitigation within wider society. In light of both this and the organisational practicalities associated with the specific peculiarities of wandering cricket it is with sadness and regret that our Club has taken a responsible and informed decision to cancel all remaining fixtures.

We trust that our members,opponents,and host clubs are understanding and supportive of this position and hope that during these most difficult of times that everyone associated with our Club remains in good health.

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