Important 2016 season info

Below are some important dates, event and general information about the 2016 season...

SUNDAY APRIL 17th Season opens at Bowdon Vale.

SUNDAY MAY 22nd Chairman'sXI v Willey Wanderers at Acton Reynald.

SUNDAY JUNE 5th Vice-Chairman'sXI v Upton at Old Parkonians

SUNDAY JULY 3rd Vice-President'sXI v Upton at Old Parkonians

TUESDAY 16th to THURSDAY 18th AUGUST Annual Tour to Shropshire

THURSDAY 24th AUGUST RT Hughes XI v Cheshire Gentlemen at Cholmondeley Castle.

SUNDAY 25th September Captains XI v Staffordshire Greenflies at Alberbury


New fixtures

We are pleased to welcome Ashford-in-the-Water, Grasshoppers, Great Budworth, Mollington, Travellers' Rest, Wirral Doctors and XL onto our fixture list.We look forward to a long and happy association with each of them.

ASHFORD-IN-THE-WATER play at a stunning location in North Derbyshire.This fixture will be organised in collaboration with our friends at Baslow and Ormskirk Occasionals and we look forward to our visit on July 31st.

GRASSHOPPERS are a long standing wandering club based in Shrewsbury who will play against our President'sXI on September 4th.They have been recommended to us by one of our Patrons,Joss Elliott and we feel sure that they will prove to be worthy opponents.

GREAT BUDWORTH are a traditional village club who play their home games at Arley Hall in Cheshire. We will make our inaugaral visit to this delightful setting on the evening of Wednesday 25th May for a T/20 fixture.

XL are a national cricket organisation for cricketers aged 40 and over and will paly our Sefton Park Patrons XI on August 10th.

MOLLINGTON, TRAVELLERS' REST and WIRRAL DOCTORS are nomadic evening sides who are all highly regarded on and around the Wirral Peninsula.All three will play against our WyncoteXI.We look forward to hosting Travellers' Rest on May 24th and June 28th,Mollington on June 21st and Wirral Doctors on July 12th.

Presidents XI

This season the President's XI,managed by Club Captain Alex Hughes have a programme of six games with fixtures scheduled on May 2nd & 30th,June 19th,July 17th,August 7th and September 4th.Our opponents will be Wistaston,Knockin&Kinnerley,Barnton,Willey Wanderers,Mobberley and Grasshoppers with games played at Acton Reynald,Alberbury and Over Peover.Further details can be found by accessing the President'sXI page.

Wyncote XI

Following the popularity of our evening T/20 fixtures in 2015 the coming season sees an expanded programme of eleven games eight of which will be played on tuesday evenings at our home venue,Old Parkonians CC.The prngramme commences on May 10th with the visit of Spasmodics and ends on July 27th at Ormskirk.Six games will be managed by Club Secretary Gordon Jenkins,while Chris Beckett,Barry McDonnell and Jack Snaylam will be responsible for organising the remaining fixtures.

Shropshire tour

As in previous seasons this event will be based in Ellesmere between TUESDAY 16th and THURSDAY 18th AUGUST with fixtures against Ellesmere,Frankton and Knockin&Kinnerley. Invitations,booking forms and payment details have now been forwarded to members with an early March return date.Further details can be obtained by accessing the Shropshire Tour page or by contacting the Club Secretary on 07951-427752.If you are not currently a Club Member but would like to take part in this event we would be delighted to hear from you.

Ormskirk Occasionals

This year Ormskirk Occasionals celebrate their 25th season of playing social cricket.This is a tremendous achievement given the year on year decline in the levels of particpation in the wider cricket community.Like ourselves The Occasionals endeavour to both preserve and promote the finest traditions of our wonderful game and it is therefore more than coincidental that over recent seasons a number of players have represented both clubs.One such player,Malcolm Gregg,combines the roles of Occasionals Club Captain and Ramblers Patron,and his sterling efforts are hugely appreciated by the members of both organisations.During the coming season there are several dates when The Ramblers do not have fixtures scheduled.On three of these dates,June 12th,August 14th and August 21st The Occasionals have fixtures at Mobberley,Corwen and Upton respectively.If you are able to play on any of these dates please let Malcolm know well in advance of each game.In addition to to a comprehensive Sunday fixture list The Occasionals also run an extensive programme of mid-week games.The majority of these are on Tuesdays,the same evening as most of WyncoteXI fixtures,although several fall on Wednesays and Thursdays.Should you be able to play in any of these games Malcolm would be delighted to hear from you.Malcolm can be contacted on 07764-412517.

Windsor Wesleyans

During the course of the course of the coming season there are several Sundays when we do not have fixtures organised ie April 3rd&10th,May 8th&15th,June 12th and August 14th&21st.On all of these dates,Windsor Wesleyans,a club similar in many ways to ourselves,have games arranged at a range of excellent venues and would be delighted to hear from any Ramblers who may be able to play for them.If you are able to play on any of the dates listed please contact The Wesleyans Fixture Secretary,Tim Kenward who is also a Ramblers Patron on 07974-154259 or their Club Captain,Chris Leatherbarrow on 07947-864919.

Paddington Bears

The Bears have a long history of playing friendly cricket,having originally started life as the Staff side of Paddington Comprehensive School in Liverpool.During the 1980s and early 1990s the Club evolved into a nomadic side playing good quality Sunday and Midweek cricket with an extensive fixture list against clubs from Merseyside,North Wales,Cheshire and Shropshire.During this period The Bears also embarked on a series of tours to Scotland,Bedfordshire,Yorkshire and Herefordshire.In common with many other nomadic sides the late 1990s saw a decline in the fortunes of the Club caused by a steady reduction in the amount of social cricket being played due to an increase in Sunday league and cup competitions.By the end of the decade The Bears had gone into terminal decline and as the new Millenium dawned a once thriving instution effectively ceased to exist.In 2008 the Club was reformed as a 'Dads,Lads&Veterans side,with the aim of playing six to eight games per season.During the coming summer The Bears have a programme of five 20 over games against Coton Hall(May 19th),Sefton Park(June 1st),Burton(June 23rd) Dalton(July 14th) and Tydeswell(July 28th).They are also hoping to finish their season with a mid-week 40 over game against Marchwiel sometime during mid to late August.If you want to find out more about The Bears or would like to play in any of their games please contact 07951-427752.

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