Declaration cricket lasts for anywhere between 5 hours and 5 days and can either have 1 or 2 innings per side. In a 1-innings-per-side match, the team batting first either has to be bowled out, or they declare their innings. The team batting second wins if they get the required total within the allotted time. The team bowling second wins if they bowl out the opposition within the required time. If neither happens, the match is drawn. The 2-innings-per-side match format is similar to the County Championship or test match format. At the end of both forms of declaration cricket, the "last-hour" is called, where a minimum of 20 overs should be bowled. Adverse weather aside, the match will end after either the hour is up, the side batting are bowled out, or when all 20 overs have been bowled. If 20 overs are not bowled at the end of the hour, the side batting are still entitled to face the remaining deliveries of those 20 overs. The side bowling in the last hour can, and often do, bowl more than 20 overs.