Club charter

Four important, immutable and interlocking principles constitute the foundation stone upon which our club is based, viz:

a) The preservation and promotion of the traditions, etiquette and ethos of cricket.
b) The playing of cricket with the Laws and especially the Spirit of the Game.
c) The maintenance of the highest standards of individual and collective conduct.
d) The provision of a cricketing environment in which team members, opponents and spectators alike feel valued and respected regardless of age, race, gender, disability, social or ethnic background, skin colour, religious beliefs, sexual orientation or cricketing ability.

Membership is by invitation only and all who represent the club are considered to be signatories of the five point Club Charter. Members should therefore:

1) Exhibit the very highest levels of on and off field conduct while representing Wyncote Ramblers or any other club, refraining from any behaviour, by word or action, that may cause offence to others.
2) Abide by all Club Policies relating to Child Protection and Welfare, Smoking, Alcohol Use, Mobile Phone Use and Media Player Use.
3) Respond to all invitations to represent the club within the stated timeframe(s).
4) Abide by the Match Day Protocol.
5) Be familiar with, and understand, the implications inherent in the Time Cricket Declaration.