Covid Safety: Matchday Protocols 2022

Please read below regarding the WRCC 2022 matchday protocols

ONS weekly survey data published on 13th May indicates that current Covid infection rates are running at one in 45 of the population. While this figure represents an apparent improvement on previous weeks it is neither a cause for optimism or even the slightest relaxation of awareness or vigilance. It should
also be viewed in the context of drastically reduced testing and an absence of data for reinfection rates.

In light of the removal of all behavioural and societal restrictions following the statement made by the PM on 24th February, the potential emergence of further SARS-CoV-2 variants and the current decline in population level vaccine induced immunity it is clear that every cricket match continues to be a potential ‘spreading event’.

Throughout the pandemic we have consistently maintained a position of maximum precaution and minimum risk which has been rooted in scientific and statistical rigour. This resolutely remains the case. In order to create safe spaces while at the same time continuing to discharge our responsibilities to wider society, we trust that in the interests of collective responsibility members, opponents and clubs hosting home games will fully embrace the following Match Day Safety Protocols. These measures may be modified by our Covid Risk Assessment Group as and when the science and data indicate it is appropriate to do so.

(a) No use of changing rooms before, during and after any given fixture.

(b) No catering or ‘hospitality’ before during or after games.

(c) Teams to remain entirely separate before, during and after the hours of play.

(d) The maintenance of a sensible degree of physical distancing throughout proceedings.

(e) No hand shaking.

(f) No items to be handed to the umpire.

(g) No saliva/perspiration to be applied to the

(h) Fielding side to hand sanitise prior to taking the field and also at the cessation of the innings. Players involved in ‘roll on/roll off’ substitutions should hand sanitise both prior to taking the field and as they leave it.

(i) Prior to and immediately following each scoring/umpiring shift match participants should hand sanitise.

(j) Any match day photographs [ie group/team] should confirm to physical distancing requirements detailed in [d] above.

In addition to the above we will also be requesting that our members adhere to the following guidelines.

(i) Travel to/from games either in family groups
or a maximum of two members per vehicle [ie
driver and passenger].In the latter case we
will also recommend that masks are worn.

(ii) Notify the relevant Match Organiser with
immediate effect should they exhibit any Covid
symptoms/record a positive LFT, thereby
withdrawing from the side.

(iii) Exercise a high level of Covid awareness
both when representing our Club and at all other

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